AeroWing - EasyLight LED RC Model Navigation Lighting Kit (MX01600)


  • $20.00


This LED navigation light kit is designed for dusk flying lovers! No need to worry about the safety of flying at night as the cool flashing lights will give you good situational awareness to enjoy flying in the night.

Package Weight: 50g
Product Weight: 5.5g/pcs
Product Size:47mm*13mm*12mm/pcs
Charge Voltage: 5V (Max 1A)
Working Voltage: 3.7V (w/ low-voltage protection)
BATT Capacity: 3.7V 85mAh
Charge Time: About 60min (w/o Reverse protection)
Working Time: About 180min

1.Water droplet shape for a streamline design.
2.Miniature volume and ultra-light weight.
3.High brightness LED lamp beads.
4.One-touch button to change three blink mode.
5.Navigation light cooling system.
6.Convenient to charge the LED Navigation light via USB portable charger.

Package Include:
1 x Red Light, 1 x Green Light, 1 x White Light
1 x Balance Charging Cable
1 x Micro USB Charging Module
6 x 3M Adhesive Film
3 x Protection Film
1 x Plastic Case

1. Please refer to the size of the navigation light to see if it fits on your models.
2. The charging port is marked positive and negative, please plug it carefully while charging, otherwise the lithium battery and circuit board will be damaged.
3. Please charge the LED light with special balance charger for lithium battery, such as CB86, PL8, A6, or you can use the micro-USB charging module. Especially if the LED light has not been used for a long time and under the low voltage, you must use the micro-USB charging module first.
4.The micro-USB charging module support portable power bank charging, please notice that the maximum charge voltage is 5V 1A.

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