UAS Manufacturing & Design

SpexDrone is a proven leader in the manufacturing, testing and design of unmanned systems. Our experience allows us to provide public and private sector customers with cutting edge unmanned aerial technology solutions that delivers mission critical performance.

The SpexDrone team has the skills and manufacturing capabilities to complete your next production or custom unmanned vehicle project.

SpexDrone Custom Built "Off-The-Shelf" UAS Solutions

  • Large in-stock inventory of UAS components for a quick turn-around
  • Modern in-house manufacturing techniques used for modifications
  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • CNC Foam Cutting & Precision Hot-Wire Cutting
  • Custom Composite Molds & Lay-ups

SpexDrone Custom Built & Designed UAS Solutions

From concept development to final flight testing, our team can complete your project to your exact specifications, on time and on budget. Our custom UAS solutions include complete aircraft design, air frame integration, payload selection & integration, custom ground control stations, training, and sustained product support.  

Whether you need a basic off-the-shelf aircraft, or a highly unique system that calls for a world class engineering team, we can help you get the job done. 

When you are ready for your next project just give our team a call!