About Us

Your Source for High-Quality Drone & FPV Components & Systems


At SpexDrone, we understand that an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is just that, a system.  The selection of an aircraft, motors, autopilots, radio systems, telemetry, and finally payloads must all be carefully considered and properly prepared to successfully achieve your UAS mission, whatever that may be.

Our Mission

SpexDrone’s mission is to provide the high-end hobbyist and professional a diverse selection of proven products for custom FPV/Drone/UAS solutions at the lowest possible cost. When browsing our store you will see that we stock the very best available UAS products from DJI, Skywalker, Holybro, Radiolink, PGYTECH, KST Servo, ViewPro, uAvionix and many others with all inventory ready to ship from here in the USA for quick delivery. 

Our Goal

By combining our broad selection of FPV/Drone/UAS platforms and products, our in-house manufacturing and design capabilities, plus our unique team of individuals who have years of experience in both government and in the private sector performing systems engineering for unmanned vehicles we can help make your present and future drone development process a success.