AeroWing Corvus MK1 Fixed-Wing UAS / UAV Airframe Kit


  • $225.00

AeroWing Corvus MK1 Fixed-Wing UAS / UAV Airframe Kit - In Stock Here In The USA!

This is the NEW Corvus MK1 from AeroWing UAS!

The Corvus MK1 has been designed especially for commercial UAS and FPV flying. Its very large 2135mm (7.0 feet) wingspan wing with carbon-fiber reinforced fiberglass white epoxy fuselage provides outstanding stability in the air, excellent glide performance, and fast low power cruise speeds in the region of 80-90 km/h.

The special rear mounted elevator and rudder servos help counter-balance the additional weight from the large internal forward compartment that provides plenty of space for installing radio gear, autopilots, and various other payloads with makes for easy center of gravity set-ups. There is a precision-cut fiberglass mounting plate also included for mounting internal gear easily and a flat surface on the canopy for installing an FPV camera if needed.

The main wing is made from a precision-cut foam core that has been covered in wood and iron-on white plastic film with a carbon-fiber main spar. The main wing also has flaps installed for increased performance and servo cutouts are pre-cut for both the flaps and ailerons which are also provided with covers. The horizontal tail is also made from a foam core that has been covered in wood and iron-on white plastic film. All other general hardware (motor mount, push rods, screws, etc.) are included in the kit to get you flying sooner.

The Corvus MK1 is also easy to transport as both the main wing and the horizontal stabilizer are removable and comes with a fiberglass landing skid made with a specially designed sponge material providing extra care for your plane and equipment.

Technical Specifications

Colors: Fuselage (White), Main Wing (White), Horizontal Tail (White)

Wing Span: 2135mm (84.0”)

Length: 1170mm (46.0”)

Payload Weight: 1000~1250g

Flying Weight: 4000~4250g

Not included with the airframe kit:

Motor (35-42mm)

Propeller (9-11”)

ESC (Minimum 60A)

6-Servos (9 Gram Size) Example: Tower Pro SG92R Type Servos


Radio Gear

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