AeroWing 850mm (ZD850) Carbon Fiber 6-Arm Mulicopter Airframe Kit (AW-MC-1001)


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AeroWing 850mm (ZD850) Carbon Fiber 6-Arm Mulicopter Airframe Kit (AW-MC-1001)

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The AeroWing Full Carbon Fiber 850mm 6-Arm Multicopter Airframe Kit is specially designed for heavy-duty drone application and has lots of space for mounting all the required components. This frame is ideal for mounting cameras and other accessories. The thing that separates this 850mm Full Carbon Fiber Frame from the rest of Multirotor Frames is the use of 100% pure carbon for manufacturing this Hexacopter Frame. This Hexacopter Frame is made up of 100% 3K TWILL carbon fiber.

The arms of the frame are made from a 20mm carbon fiber tube which eliminates arm breakage at the motor mounts on a hard landing.

This is Hexacopter Frame that employs 6 arms to get into the air. There are several advantages of a hexacopter frame over a quadcopter one, justifying the extra price tag.

For 6 arms, of course, there are more motors with a hexacopter meaning more power, meaning bigger batteries. This increase in batteries leads to an increase in flight time, which is also nice. Due to these extra motors, a hexacopter is also more stable than your quadcopter equivalent.

Another great advantage of using hexacopters is if for any reason your quadcopter loses a motor, it goes down but with a hexacopter, on the other hand, in the majority of cases you will be able to land safely with one or maybe even two motors down; an extra inbuilt guarantee on your beloved copter.

The frame has a wheelbase of 850mm and weighs around 1210 grams

Technical Specifications

AeroWing 850mm 6-axis Hexacopter Frame Kit with fixed carbon fiber landing skid
  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 850mm
  • Frame Weight: about 1210 g
  • Frame Material: Full Carbon Fiber
  • Tripod with a diameter of 16mm carbon tube, height 350mm, tripod crossbar 500mm provides a more stable grounding area
  • Motor arms are upturned 5 ° and are a diameter of 20mm carbon tube
  • Tripod with double-tube carbon fiber as support, bear the force of more than 50kg

Airframe Parameters

  • Carbon tube arm: 20mm
  • Carbon tube tripod: 16mm + 10mm
  • Botton center plate: 3.0 mm
  • Upper center plate: 1.5mm
  • Aluminum alloy folding pieces
  • Nylon mixed carbon pipe clamp
  • Plastic tripod connection (Supports 50kg)

Kit Includes

1x AeroWing 850mm Full Carbon Fiber Frame Kit

6 x Pure Carbon Fiber Tubes

4 x Landing Gear

6 x Motor mounts

6 x Folding Mechanism

1 x Camera Stand

2 x Mounting Plates

1 x Fitting Accessories

Not included with the airframe kit:





Radio Gear

Recommended items (not included):
3508-380kv motor
6s 22.2v 25c Lithium battery
1555/1547 15-inch CW / CCW Propellers

Completed Drone Example using the 850mm Frame (Not Included)

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