Skywalker X8 (White) Fixed-Wing UAS / UAV Airframe Kit


  • $290.00

Skywalker X8 (White) Fixed-Wing UAS / UAV Airframe Kit - In Stock Here In The USA!

This is the X-8 flying wing kit from Skywalker Technology...The BIG wing!

The X-8 has been specifically designed for FPV and UAV. An awesome looking and fantastic flying FPV / UAV platform, molded out of EPO so it's nearly indestructible! The X8 model offers a huge amount of under canopy space, excellent glide performance, and fast low power cruise speeds in the region of 80-90 km/h.

The airframe was designed from the outset to suit FPV / UAV applications and transportation is easy as both the wing panels and the vertical stabs are removable. Other nice design points are the molded in wing reflex, ventral launching grips, nose camera bay, canopy retained via strong magnets , molded battery and FPV trays and two through fuselage spars - plus a molded in spar in each wing panel.

Technical Specifications

Wing Span: 2122mm (83.50")

Length: 790mm (31.10")

Payload Weight: 1000~1500g

Flying Weight: 3000~3500g

Recommended Setup (Items below are not included with the airframe kit):

Motor: 4250 KV500/OS5010 KV810

Propeller: 11-13"

Servos: 2x 17-25g Size

ESC: 60A/100A

Battery: 22.2V 6200mAh-10000mAh/14.8V 6200mAh-10000mAh

Radio Gear

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