Radiolink M10 GPS/Compass Module SE100


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Radiolink M10 GPS/Compass Module SE100

The Radiolink SE100 M10 GPS Module for the Radiolink PixHawk autopilots that will exceed the limitation of IC sensitivity index from circuit schematic design to PCB placement.

  • High Positioning Accuracy: Up to 50 centimeters with quad-mode/250 centimeters with Single Mode.
  • De-interference and Anti-interference: Two-stage filtering with 78db attenuation effectively filters out-of-band interference.In-band input 1dB compression point -3dBm high linear LNA can minimize the impact of even a small amount of interference signals that pass the filter. Effectively resist strong signal interference, such as high-power image transmission on drones, high-voltage lines, etc.
  • Excellent Performance: Positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds at open ground. Super positioning capability even at the valley bottom. Triple-frequency: 1561±1MHz, 1575±1MHz, 1602~1610MHz. BD1, GPS/L1, Galileo/E1, GLONASS/G1, and quad satellite system operation at the same time are available.
  • Top Configuration: GPS decoder chip: Radiolink SE100, with Ublox M10050, is much better than a single GNSS 7N. Built-in high-precision electronic compass IST8310(I2C port). Antenna: 2.5dbI high gain and selectivity ceramic chip antennas. Power amplify IC: High-gain MMIC chip. Double Filter: two-stage SAWF (Surface acoustic wave filter) from Murata.
  • Compatible with Pixhawk Flight Controller

Use with: Radiolink Pixhawk

Radiolink M10 GPS/Compass Module Includes

  • 1x SE100 GPS Assembly
  • 1x GPS Mount Holder

Radiolink M10 GPS/Compass Module Specifications

  • Positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds ata open ground
  • Triple-frequency: 1561±1MHz, 1575±1MHz, 1602~1610MHz
  • BD1, GPS/L1, Galileo/E1, GLONASS/G1, and quad satellite system operation at the same time are available
  • Power Supply: voltage 3.3VDC+-5%, current 50~55mA
  • Velocity Precision: 0.1m/s
  • Max Height: 50000m
  • Max Speed: 515m/s
  • Max Acceleration: 4G
  • Max Update Rate: up to 18Hz
  • Sensitivity Tracking & Nav.: -167dBm; Reacquisition:-163dBm; Cold start:-151dBm; Hot start:-159dBm
  • Time to first fix: Cold start: 26s, Hot start: 1s 

Radiolink M10 GPS/Compass Module Ports

A. GPS UART interface, baud rate: 38.4K/57.6K/112.5K

B. Geomagnetic I2C interface

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