Radiolink CrossRace Mini 12CH Flight Controller System-FCS Set (No GPS)


  • $75.00

Radiolink CrossRace Mini 12CH Flight Controller System-FCS Set (No GPS)

The Radiolink CrossRace Mini 12CH Flight Controller (Compatible w/ APM & Betaflight) integrates autonomous flight precision and professional manual control capabilities. It features a built-in OSD module, software vibration damping, and supports plug-and-play for both digital and analog video transmission systems. The device offers a comprehensive automatic detection system and is equipped with 12 output channels to cater to a variety of expansion needs.

This flight controller merges the high-precision stationary flight of APM with the professional manual handling performance of Betaflight, allowing for seamless switching between modes for both novice and expert pilots. The CrossRace flight controller is also capable of precise automatic return-to-home functions, ensuring a worry-free flying experience even during high-speed maneuvers.

The CrossRace flight controller is the first to feature a fully domestic chip compatible with four-in-one ESCs, offering a high level of convenience for FPV enthusiasts. It supports various mainstream throttle signals, including DShot, OneShot, and standard PWM signals. Additionally, the controller has built-in 5V & 12V dual BEC for powering various components.

The product has undergone extensive market testing over six years, ensuring a high level of quality assurance. Its automated testing system is more efficient and reliable than traditional manual testing methods. The software vibration damping algorithm from Mini Pix ensures accurate sensor data and stable flight, even without a damping frame.

The CrossRace flight controller can display a wealth of flight information in real time without the need for an external OSD module, enhancing the first-person view (FPV) flying experience. It is capable of carrying a payload of up to 3 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from racing to aerial photography and reconnaissance missions.

Please note that this product should be used in compliance with local laws and regulations regarding drone flight. Always ensure that the firmware is up to date and that the device is operated within the designated flight areas to avoid legal issues.


  • Integrates APM precision & Betaflight handling
  • Built-in OSD & software vibration damping
  • Supports digital & analog video systems
  • Automatic return-to-home function
  • Up to 3KG payload capacity
  • Size: 30.5 X 30.5 mm
  • Weight: 


  • Processor: HC32F4A0PITB
  • Sensor
    • Gyro & Accelerometer: BMI323
    • Barometer: SPL06
    • FRAM: 128M, can store 2617 waypoints for multi-copters
    • Buzzer: 1
    • Switch: None
  • Connector
    • Type: Combining socket interfaces and soldering pads, Support DJI/CADDX HD Digital Video Transmission Plug-and-play
    • ESC: 10PIN ESC connector, support voltage and current monitor, and ESC telemetry
    • BEC: 5V&12V Dual BEC Built-in
    • Channel Output: 12
    • Mavlink UART: 2 (without CTSRTS)
    • USB Port: 1 (Type C)
    • GPS UART/I2C Port: 1
    • RC In Signal Input: PPM/SBUS
    • RSSI Output: Support
    • OSD Module: Integrated
    • ESC Protocol: PWM, DShot, and OneShot Protocol
    • DShot/OneShot Protocol: Support
    • RTK: Support
    • Redevelopment: Support
    • Input Voltage: 2-6S 
    • Input Current: 5A
  • Operating Parameters
    • USB Voltage: 5V±0.3V
  • Compatible with R12DS, R12DSM, R9DS, R6DS, R6DSM
  • Compatible with R8EF, R8FM, R8SM, R8XM, R8FG, R8FGH, R7FG, R6FG, R6F, R4FGM, R4F
  • Supports four-in-one ESC, and supports ESC data transmission
  • Supports geofence setting
  • Built-in 5V & 12V dual BEC
  • High anti-interference GPS

(To take full advantage of the Radiolink CrossRace FCS, please add the Radiolink TS100 Mini GPS Module which is sold separately)

User Manual Download (Click Here)

What you Get

  • 1x CrossRace flight controller
  • 1x Buzzer (requires soldering)
  • 2x TELEM1 & TELEM2 port connection cable
  • 1x USB connection cable (for upgrading or tuning)
  • 1x Four-in-one ESC connection cable
  • 1x Receiver connection cable

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