Hex / Proficnc Power Selection Module (HX4-06006)

Hex / Proficnc

  • $50.00

Hex / Proficnc Power Selection Module (HX4-06006)

  • Power can be taken off the PSM in different methods, allowing for different subsystems to fail gracefully.
  • Power inputs must be between 4.4v and 5.7v
  • Power output is the same voltage as the selected input
  • This module also holds the Buzzer controller
  • The Aux power input has a Zener clamping it to 5.6v, this Zener is protected from continuous over voltages by a fuse and fet.

    Manufactured in Taiwan - NDAA YR2022 Compliant

    What's included:

    HX4-06006 Power Selection Module
    1x - Power Selection Module

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