KST Servo Tool #3

KST Servo

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KST Servo Tool #3

Servo Programming Tool Card #3 - A programming device for KST V6.0 and V8.0 servos, it is a very useful tool that makes it possible to not only change the frequency of the servo but also to set the neutral position which likewise adjusts the full travel. This gives the ultimate perfect centering of the servo, a handy tool!

Servo Programming Tool Card #3
Servo Programming Tool Card #3

Operating instructions

1. Connect the device to a 6-9V power supply, and the frequency indicators will start to flash.
2. Connect the servo to the servo port. The device will detect the servo frequency and illuminate the corresponding frequency indicator light.
3. Press the toggle frequency button to switch between frequencies. Press enter to select the frequency of the servo in use.
4. Use the dial to center the servo, and press "Enter" to confirm. Press down on the "Neutral set" dial to reset the device.

Servo Programming Tool Card #3

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How to use the programming tool #3

Check the video on 05:27 to know how to use our Servo Programming Tool #3.

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