KST Servo - DS145MG Servo (4.8-6.0V DC)

KST Servo

  • $32.00

KST Servo - DS145MG Servo (4.8-6.0V DC)

The KST DS145MG is an amazingly good metal cased mini servo and is suitable for wings, fuselages, and other uses in all drones and RC models. It is exactly the same size and has 90% of the performance and build quality of the market leader, for much less the price. Like the more expensive servo it has no geartrain slop.

At only 10mm thick this great servo can easily fit in all areas. With a massive 5.2 Kg.cm torque the KST DS145 is appropriate for small to medium sized UAV's, F3F, F3B, F3J, F5J, all fast gliders, and jets. 

Note: No longer supplied with metal servo arms

DS125MG Servo


  • Hardened Steel Gears
  • Extreme torque and Excellent speed
  • CNC aluminum case
  • Two Ball Bearings
  • Programmable


  • Item: DS145MG Digital Metal Gear Servo
  • Rated Voltage: DC4.8V
  • Operating Voltage: DC4.8V-6.0V
  • Size: 30*10*30mm
  • Torque: 5.20Kg.cm @ 6.0V / 4.30Kg.cm @ 4.8V 
  • Speed: 0.12sec/60deg @ 6.0V / 0.15sec/60deg @ 4.8V
  • Default Travel Angle: ±50° = 100° Total
  • Operating Temperature Range:-10℃……+65℃
  • Soft Start: Programmable
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Case Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Motor Type: Coreless DC Motor
  • Gear Set Material: Hardened Steel
  • Position Sensor: Potentiometer
  • Case Dimensions: 30mm*10mm*29.6mm±0.2mm
  • Weight: 23g±10%

Package Including

  • 1 * DS145MG Servo 
  • 1 Pack of Accessories

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