Holybro PixHawk PM08D-14S 200A Power Module (15024)


  • $84.00

Holybro PixHawk PM08D-14S 200A Power Module (15024)


    This PM08D Power Module supply provides regulated 5.2V to flight controller from the battery while providing current consumption and battery voltage measurements to the Flight controller.

    This Power Module has two 5.2V power output port with independent circuits, BEC IC and circuitry that can provide redundant power to the flight controller. 

    This power module is designed for vehicle with high power requirement. It comes housed in a aluminum heat sink case with fan, protecting the module from external elements and actively dissipates heat generated during operation to ensures durability and optimal performance. 


    • PM08D is supported by PX4. For Ardupilot, it is supported in version 4.4 and later. 
    • This PM uses I2C digital signal data output and is compatible with Pixhawk 5X/6X or other FMUv5x/6x Autopilot. It is NOT compatible with flight controller that uses analog PM such as the Pixhawk 6C & Mini, Pixhawk4 & Mini, pix32 v5, or Durandal flight controllers. - This digital power module is only compatible with 
    • Wire & connector sold separately


    • Support 2S - 14S Battery
    • 200A Cont. Current Rating 
    • Easy to Setup
    • Aluminum Case for Heat dissipation


    • Input Voltage: 2S-14S
    • PCB Cont. Current Rating: 200A
    • PCB Burst Current Rating: 1000A (<1 Sec @25C)
    • Max Current Sensing: 237.6A
    • Output: DC 5.1-5.3V & 3A Max
    • Power Monitor Chip: INA228
    • 5V BEC Connector Type:  Molex CLIK-Mate 2mm 6Pin
    • Dimensions: 101*45*26mm 
    • Mounting hole: 79mm*38.1mm
    • Weight: 151g


    PX4 Parameter Setup: You must set SENS_EN_INA228 to enable.
    Full Setup guide for PX4 & Ardupilot can be found in the Holybro Doc here.


    PM08D Power Module (SKU 15024) Package Includes:

    • 1x PM08D Power Module 
    • 1x 40x40mm Fan
    • 2x Molex CLIK-Mate 2.0mm 6Pin Cable 15 cm 
    • 4x Sets of Screws, Washers, and Nuts

    Connector & Wiring Set:

    SKU Connectors Wire Gauge Wire Length Application
    1234 1x AS150U-F
    1x AS150U-M
    4x Heat Shrink
    8 AWG 10 CM PM08
    1234A 1x AS150U-F
    1x AS150U-M
    4x Heat Shrink
    8 AWG 20CM PM08
    1239 1x XT90-F
    1x XT90-M
    4x Heat Shrink
    10 AWG 10 CM PM08
    1239A 1x XT90-F
    1x XT90-M
    4x Heat Shrink
    10 AWG 20CM PM08
    1240 1x Wire (Black)
    1x Wire (Red)
    4x Heat Shrink
    8 AWG 20CM PM08


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