Holybro PixHawk PM07-14S Power Module (15008)


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Holybro PixHawk PM07-14S Power Module (15008)


    This PM07 Power Module supplies clean 5.2V to flight controller from the battery and provides current consumption and battery voltage measurements via analog signal through a 6 Pin JST-GH cable, along with integrated esc power & signal distribution for up to 8 ESCs.

    PM07 has two 5.2V power output port that can provide redundant power to the flight controller, with independent circuits, BEC IC and circuitry.

    It is also great for flight controller that do not have built-in servo header pins like the Pixhawk 6C & Pixhawk 4. It comes with pre-soldered wires, capacitor, and XT60 connector. 


    • Input voltage: 2S-14S
    • PCB Cont. Current Rating: 90A
    • PCB Burst Current Rating: 140A (<60 Sec)
    • Output: DC 5.2V & 3A Max 
    • Voltage Divider: 18.182
    • Amperes per Volt: 36.364 

    Please Note: 

    1. The XT60 Plug and 12AWG wire that are pre-soldered on the board is rating for 30A continuous current and 60A burst current (< 60 Seconds). If a higher current is being used, the plug type and wire size should be changed accordingly. You can refer to this chart for reference. 
    2. This PM02 Power Module uses analog data output and is not compatible to the Pixhawk 5X & 6X (Requires a digital PM like PM02D). 

    Mechanical Specification:

    • Dimensions:68*50*10 mm
    • Mounting Holes:45*45mm
    • Weight: 43.8g

    Setup guide for PX4 & Ardupilot can be found in the Holybro Doc here.
    PM07 User guide can be found here

    Package Include:

    • 1x   PM07 board
    • 1x   80mm XT60 connector wire (installed)
    • 1x   Electrolytic capacito: 220uF 63V (installed)
    • 2x   JST GH 10P Cable
    • 1x   JST GH 8P Cable
    • 2x   JST GH 6P Cable

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