Holybro DroneCAN RM3100 Professional Grade Compass (18098) - 42cm Cable


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Holybro DroneCAN RM3100 Professional Grade Compass (18098) - 42cm Cable


This professional-grade RM3100 compass/magnetometer has impeccable signal-to-noise ratios, no drift, and precise magnetic field measurements. It can provide professional grade heading accuracy and orientation calculations for your vehicle. With this compass, your vehicle can navigate through waypoints with little magnetic disturbance due to motor coils and metal parts. You can achieve the best result by placing this module far away from motor coils and other metal parts, getting rid of one of the largest points of failure on your unmanned vehicle.

This 3-axis magnetometer, based on PNI’s proprietary magneto-inductive technology, delivers high-performance resolution and repeatability. It has a very high level of resolution (10 nT) and ultra-low magnetic hysteresis, making it perfect for applications that require high heading accuracy. 

With its DroneCAN output protocol, it can deliver robust and reliable connectivity over relatively large distances, and wiring is less complicated as you can have a single bus for connecting all your DroneCAN peripherals. It also does not occupy any serial ports on the flight controller.


Parameter Cycle Counts Units
50 100 200
Field Measurement Range -800 to +800 μT
Gain 20 38 75 LSB/μT
Sensitivity 50 26 13 nT
Noise 30 20 15 nT
Max Single-Axis Sample Rate
(Divide by 3 for Max. 3-Axis Sample Rate)
1600 850 440 Hz
Operating Temperature -40 to +85 C

Output connector: 4pin JST-GH1.25

Mounting Orientation:
Holybro RM3100 Mounting Orientation



Package Includes

1x  DroneCAN RM3100 Compass (42cm Cable)

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