Holybro CAN Hub Expansion Module - 42cm Cable (18086)


  • $27.60

Holybro CAN Hub Module - 42cm Cable (18086)

    The Holybro CAN Hub is a powered CAN port expansion module developed for various flight controllers and their supporting peripherals. This CAN Hub is integrated with a step-down power supply. It supports 2-12S power input and 5V CAN power output and can expand one CAN port into up to four ports while providing stable 5V/1A power for each port with its dedicated power input.

    Most flight controllers have a 5v output on the CAN port, but the voltage can sometime be lower than 5v because it is affected by other devices that is connected to the FC, and there is a ~3A current limit for sum of all ports (Excluding Telem1). The power supply of this hub is independent and can guarantee a stable 5V power source to your CAN peripherals.

    Technical Specification:

    • Input voltage: 2S - 12S
    • Output voltage: 5.2V±0.15V
    • Max current output: 1.0A @ 5.2V per CAN port. The total current of the 4 ports cannot exceed 3A.
    • Power-In Connector: XT30
    • CAN in Connector: GHR-4V-S
    • CAN Out Connector: 4 Port BM04B-GHS-TBT


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