Hex / Proficnc Cubepilot Power Here Flow Lidar Sensor (HX4-06076)

Hex / Proficnc

  • $75.00

Hex / Proficnc Cubepilot Here Flow LiDAR Sensor (HX4-06076)

    Here Flow is a finger size optical flow sensor. Compared with other optical flow sensors, it is even smaller. It can be installed easily at any position without taking much space.

    A LiDAR component, an optical flow camera and a 6D IMU (ICM20602) are integrated in the Here FLOW.

    The LiDAR component is a power efficient high speed TOF range finder, which embeds the latest ST FlightSenseTM technology. In range of 2 m, it can acquire the distance within 5 ms. The accuracy is not affected by colour or reflection rate of the target surface.

    The Here Flow can be setup at any node in the CAN bus without noise problem.
    • Built-in ultra small lidar module
    • CAN Protocol, which provide more reliable communication
    • Built-in IMU Module
    • PMW3901 Optical Flow Sensor
    • Effective ranges from 80 mm to infinity

      Manufactured in Taiwan - NDAA YEAR 2023 Compliant

      What's included:

      HX4-06076 Hereflow
      1x - Hereflow
      1x - CAN Cable

      For more details, please check the CubePilot official doc:

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