Hex / Proficnc PixHawk 2.1 "The Cube" Autopilot (Standard Version)

Hex / Proficnc

  • $238.00

PixHawk 2.1 "The Cube" Autopilot (Standard Version)

PixHawk 2.1 Standard version has the standard carrier board with no connector for Intel Edison.

PixHawk 2.1 is an advanced autopilot system designed by the ProfiCNC and manufactured by HEX Technology. It features advanced processor and sensor technology delivering incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability for controlling any autonomous vehicle.

PixHawk 2.1 "The Cube" Autopilot (Standard Version) Set Includes

  • The Cube (installed) Pixhawk 2.1
  • Full Carrier Board (Standard Version)
  • 1x Power Brick Mini (upto 8s, 30A continuous)
  • Micro SD card (installed in Cube)
  • Mounting tape and screws
  • Cable Pack

(To take full advantage of the Pixhawk 2.1 Cube, please add the new Here GPS with built in safety switch which is sold separately)

PixHawk2.1 "The Cube" Key Design Features

  • Built-in IMU heating system, allowing flights at extreme temperature. (below ice point)
  • Robust DF17 interface connectors, enhanced drop and shock resistance
  • Supported Airframes: VTOL, Plane, Multicopter, Traditional Helicopter, Rover, Boat, Sub, General Robotics

Isolated and Dampened IMU

  • Separated IMU and FMU system, effectively reducing interference to sensors
  • Effectively filters high frequency vibration, reducing noise to IMU measurements

Triple Redundant IMU System 

  • 3x Accelerometer
  • 3x Gyroscope
  • 3x Magnetometer
  • 3x Barometer

Modular Flight Controller

  • Modular "cube" design for simplicity. All inputs/outputs in one single DF17 connector so user may use different carrier board for specific application or design and make their own carrier board with ease.

 PixHawk2.1 Carrier Board Specifications

  • ADC port
  • Dedicated Spektrum RX port
  • I2C port
  • S.Bus in and out, PPM in
  • 8x Dedicated opto capable PWM outputs
  • 2x CAN ports
  • 2x Telemetry ports
  • 2x Power ports
  • 8x GPIO tnat can also be used for PWM

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